Data-sharing or caving data under CC-BY-SA licence

The objective of the Wikicaves association is to promote data-sharing among the caving community all over the world. We want to encourage federations, local committees ; clubs and potholers to take part in this movement

If you would make public your work under CC-BY-SA licence:

1. click on the « CONTACT » below, enter the code « CAPTCHA » and send us an email 

2. Please include your details as well as a link to the external website where the data to share are hosted, or simply join the documents as attachment.

(you can also use applications like WeTransfer or Dropbox).

What we do with your documents?

The Wikicaves association will archive your email and ensure the integration of your information on its database

Documents not yet available online will be stored in a special repository (in waiting for a more suitable moment for web publication) :


Questions concerning the CC-BY-SA licence ?

For additional information, please click here